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Government Of Assam Public Enterprises

Get selected as Managing Director/ General Manager of State PSEs THROUGH PSEB


  • The Department of Public Enterprise works as the Secretariat of the Public Enterprise Selection Board
  • Top level appointments, viz. Executive Chairman, Managing Directors, Functional Directors of the Board and General Managers
  • Appointment of Chief Executives and Functional Directors/General Managers is made with the approval of the Chief Minister
  • Post of Chief Executive and functional heads of State Public Enterprises is not treated as 'reserved' for the personnel of particular Government cadres.
  • The Board will be closely associated with selection, appraisal, training and development programmes and practices
  • The procedure for manning of the seniour posts is re-oriented in a way which removes the managerial weakness at the top management level


 The Public Enterprises Selection Board was created with 4 members in 1980 for selection of the Chief Executives of State Executives of State Public Enterprises. On the basis of experience gained since then, the Governor of Assam is pleased to reconstitute the PESB in supersession of Government Notification No. PE 69/79/46. The Board will be responsible for selection of persons for appointment to all the posts for all State Public Enterprises. For appointment of Government officials as part-time Directors other than the M.D., however, the concerned department will choose them. The Board will give its view and advice on organizational structure of the State Public Enterprises as well as on creation and categorization of posts in the State Public Enterprises.

Process Flow

 The PESB arrange a data bank of suitable personnel from organized State Services and both Public and Private sector enterprises . The PESB shall prepare panels of Functional Managers from which the PEs may appoint personnel as and when required. Personnel from particular cadres are usually selected for posts of the CEOs. 

Eligibility Criteria

 As per guidelines issued by Public Enterprises Department.



Documents Required

All applications with Supporting documents.

A detailed statement of the applicants.

Important Timeline

The selection happens within 30 days from the date of receipt of  the complete proposal from the Administrative Department.

How to apply

 A detailed  proposal  should be forwarded to the concerned administrative department of the PSU.

Type of Service

 Offline Service : Yes

Whom to Contact

 Director, Public Enterprises Department