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Government Of Assam Public Enterprises

What We Do

  • An Important function of the Public Enterprise Department is to supervise and control over the commercial and management aspects of the Public Enterprises.

    The other functions of the Department are:

    The Assam Rules of Executive Business, 1968 provide that:

    • Before setting-up any public sector undertaking, each administrative departments will have to consult Public Enterprises Department and obtain its views.
    • All appointments to the Board of Directors and appointments of Chief Executive of Public Sector Undertakings should be done in consultation with Public Enterprises Department
    • Whenever capital investment of more than Rs. 1 lakh is made in public sector industries, the clearance of Public Enterprises Department should be obtained
    • Audited accounts, monthly & quarterly reports of the Public Sector Units should be sent to Public Enterprises Department to enable it to scrutinize each unit's performance and to suggest corrective measures